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Hi Bjorn

Thank you so much for working with us in Cape Town, we are really happy with the footages, and now editing and ready to send to Japan.

Thank you!!
Robyn Lin

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Thank you very much, excellent work, we are very pleased.
I will start the transfer today. Please let me know if there is any delay.

Kind regards, Hanna Thorsen, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.


Thanks for the speedy reply Bjorn.

Ray says you gave him AWESOME footage to work with J

Kind Regards,

Jacky McClean
NEWSPORT MEDIA:  PR and Communications


Just have to say what a spectacular crew James Mitchell and Bjorn Rudner are.

They did an absolutely amazing job with our President Bush interview today -- they surveyed the site the day before while we were covering Obama and today made due with odds and ends -- tripods that didn't fit, minimal lighting and a host of other issues that would have stumped anyone else.

They were professional, polite and never complained or said things couldn't be done.

Thanks all for getting them to us. And please pass this to anyone who might want to know.

Stephanie Z. Smith


Dear Bjorn

The PUB team would just like to express their gratitude on an excellent DVD delivered. We are very impressed with it and with the quality of your work.

 We would not hesitate to work with you again should the opportunity arise.

Thank you once again for the time and effort that was put into this project.

Kind regards,
MelissaMelissa Gopaul
Public Understanding of Biotechnology Project Officer
South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA)


‘Hey Bjorn – just got this from Genna: “The footage looks stunning!!! Thanks so much!!!”


L e i g h   W o o d  –  P r o d u c e r

Sporting chance

Hi Bjorn, many thanks for everything you have done this past has been a pleasure working with you and your work ethic has been great.

Many thanks

Brad Bing

Cape Epic


I've just come back to Munich after a 3-day Easter break in London and I'm getting stuck in the Cape Epic edit.

Looking through the footage with a bit more time, I have to say that you got us some great stuff BJ. There are definitely always enough different shots for the sequences with the amateurs and some of the focus pulls, pans etc. you did with the race footage are really lovely. All in all I'm really happy what we got and I'm excited about the edit...

Thanks again for all the hard work - and hopefully see you again next year!


Goetz Werner
Director – Drop-In Productions


Super Sport

Hi guys

Thanks so much for the Homeless World Cup footage, it made a really nice story for Blitz!

Kind regards


SUPERSPORT: Blitz Production Coordinator


Dear Björn,

Thank you for your kind and productive co-operation in Cape Town. The material is really good and we will be able to feed the hungry Slovenian audience for months, I guess.

My wife and me have taken a look on the Voices of Africa yesterday evening. The series is really a great idea and hell of a (good) production. Congratulations for that.

Thanks again & take care!

Igor Evgen BERGANT


Hi Bjorn,

It was great working with you. I have already started fiddling with the spot and if we can get the Rolling Stones to agree it will be really cool.
Djimoun looks great!! I added a little glow and it came out just the way I envisioned it.

I will send you the spot when it's done..thanks for all your excellent work..I look forward to working with you again real soon!!

Jonathan Dumont
Head of Television Communications

The United Nations World Food Programme


Dear Bjorn

I am the exec. producer on our primary science project. Thanks so much for your work on the video footage for The Great Plant Hunt. We have been hearing of your heroic efforts and the quality of the work you have been doing in difficult circumstances. I know the 23,000 schools in the Uk who will be watching these films will love them. You might want to follow the project as it rolls out next year by looking at

Very best


Professor Angela McFarlane
Director of Content and Learning
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AB 


Hey Bjorn,

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the work you did today, under very trying circumstances.

Thanks again,

Robert Wise   - Senior Producer

Creative Differences Productions